12v Bathroom Heaters

Posted By on July 6, 2014

The one thing that most people fear and hate about a cold winter morning is the shivering cold feeling right after a steaming hot bath. This is where 12v bathroom heaters come into the picture. The purpose of a bathroom heater is to keep the bathrooms warm and cozy even when the temperature outside is freezing.

There are different types of 12v bathroom heaters available in the market. Overhead bathroom heaters are usually the best option to heat up the entire bathroom, provided the bathroom is relatively small in terms of space. Wall mounted heater is another option, which is sleek in design. Both these types of heaters – overhead or ceiling heaters and wall-mounted heaters – do not take up any floor space in the bathroom and hence are very suitable for small bathrooms.

While installing bathroom heaters, one should be aware about the power consumption. As a thumb rule, the average bathroom heater should consume about 10-15 watts of electrical power in order to provide the heat energy required to sufficiently heat up one square feet of bathroom space. From this, the wattage that will be required to heat up the entire bathroom can be calculated, provided the actual floor-space of the bathroom is known beforehand. It is a well-known fact that a heater consuming more wattage will heat up larger space in lesser time as compared to an energy-efficient, power-saving heater. This is another criteria that a buyer should keep in mind while purchasing a bathroom heater – does he need the heater to operate for a very short span of time daily and heat up the bathroom instantaneously or for prolonged usage to keep the bathroom sufficiently heated throughout the day.

There is a minor disadvantage associated with a 12v bathroom heater. There will be formation of a large quantity of steam and moisture in the bathroom. As a result of this, towels kept inside the bathroom will always remain wet and soggy and most importantly, the bathroom mirror will be foggy with moisture. In order to prevent this, the best option is to install a mirror defogger. It is a small heater fitted in an appropriate location, which prevents excessive condensation on the mirror and other glass panes in the bathroom. Nowadays, several bathroom heaters have fans pre-installed for ventilation, which keeps the bathroom airy and fresh.

Presently there are several competing companies in the field of bathroom heater manufacturing. Each company has their own USP. While some claim their heaters to be the most stylish and sleek in terms of look, others claim that their products are the most energy-efficient. There are others who take pride in the fact that their heaters are technologically savvy, with hundreds of controls on the thermostat to adjust the temperature. All these features are no doubt important in a bathroom heater, but a buyer should make an informed decision and not get swayed by flashy advertising.

Buying a 12v bathroom heater is not enough. The stylish elegant heating panel won’t do the buyer any good unless it is commissioned properly. Commissioning the heating system in a bathroom can be a time-taking, laborious and expensive project. If a central heating system or an under floor heating system in has to be installed in a bathroom, that would require connecting the wires from the heater to the central electrical circuit. On the other hand, many consumers prefer to opt for ‘plug-and-use’ type of heaters, which are lightweight, convenient and save them both time and money.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that if chosen and installed properly, a 12V bathroom heater could surely provide the buyer some much needed respite from the freezing temperatures of winter mornings.